Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Beginning

And so it begins...

The Melody Within. Could I have chosen a more cheesy title? Probably not, but, oh well. It's about the content right? For anyone who doesn't know, my name is Justin Dieball. I am an amature musician who has played multiple instruments in multiple bands over the past few years. I am by no means a musical genius but I want to share my knowledge about music to anyone who is willing to listen. This blog has two goals... 
  1. Share my experience, insight, and opinions on all matters concerning music.
  2. Provoke new thoughts about music that you possibly haven't thought of before.
I would like to cover all aspects of music in this blog. For example, music and it's purpose, music theory, genres, techniques, and music gear. Subjects will always vary and I will always accept subject ideas. If a key to music is being open minded, then why shouldn't I be open-minded about subjects?

So I suppose I will most likely start with my first official subject next week. Don't fret, (guitar joke) there will be plenty of cheesy music jokes that I think any musician would enjoy. My first subject will be a long post about music genres. So until then, I challenge anyone who read this first post to be thinking of genres and how they influence what artists you listen to.

Until then, stay loud and proud.

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