Monday, May 14, 2012

Blind Faith - Week 5

This will be a little bit of a different post and will not only be focusing on music. This might be a short post but I am very excited about sharing this with you. 

Last Saturday I was Mother's Day shopping and ran into some of my friends while out on the road. We went to the skate shop, Guitar Center and also had an extremely nutritious meal at Taco Bell. But while we were on our way towards Guitar Center I came across a red light. I was waiting behind a few stalled cars when I noticed a man walking through the intersection. Instantly I noticed that he had a walking stick and was blind. Let me paint this setting for you. I was on May avenue at about one o'clock on a Saturday afternoon the day before Mother's day. The traffic was very abundant as cars were bustling everywhere and in the midst of all this chaos a blind man walks through the intersection by himself with nothing to guide him but his walking stick and faith.

As I was watching this man make his way across two busy streets with no guidance or help, I learned a little bit from him. This man had a goal in mind, a purpose, and a destination. He was going to reach this 
destination no matter what happened.

This is an illustration of life

The busy intersection is the world. The cars are it's people and the blind man is you. We all have a purpose, goals, ambitions and things we want to achieve in our lifetime but sometimes we let the people of the world hinder us and stop us from doing what we want to do. Like that man, we need to have blind faith. Even if chaos is surrounding us we still need to keep on walking.

Just as every cheesy writer does I am going to take one lesson and apply it to a different subject. The same illustration applies to music. As a musician, there will be times that other people try to effect you. Other people will try to change you musically, change your musical motives, ambitions and visions that you have in your mind. But this is where blind faith plays it's role. If you know what you want to do musically, then do it. Do not let other people effect you unless they can effect you in an encouraging or positive way.

Until next week, stay loud and proud.

Music recommendations for this week.
This week everything is from video game soundtracks!

"Wicked Child" - Castlevania - NES
"Theme" - Killer Instinct - SNES
"Nerevar Rising" - TES III Morrowind - PC/Xbox

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